My Addiction – Part I

by Jen on July 2, 2009

When I hear the word addiction, I immediately associate a negative connotation with that word. I think of drugs or alcohol. I think of gambling or Internet addictions.

However, there are also harmless addictions. I have 3 harmless addictions. Today I will reveal one of them.

My first (and most expensive) addiction is Lululemon.

I found Lululemon about 5 years ago. I was looking for some workout gear for the gym and someone told me about this great fitness clothing store at Market Mall. I think my response was, “Lulu what?” What a strange name for a store! However, I went to Market Mall anyway to check it out. The moment I first walked through the door, I was hooked. An unexplainable force sucked me in and has yet to spit me out.

The first three things I bought was a pair of long workout pants, a pair of cropped workout pants, and a tank top. Everything fit like a glove! I wore them proudly to the gym everyday for a year, which is when I became pregnant with Caleb. I thought I would have to buy new workout clothes to fit my protruding belly. However, to my pleasant surprise, I could still wear those same workout pants (minus the tank top) to the gym. They fit perfectly under my ginormous belly.

Six months after Caleb was born I became preggers with Justin. When I was pregnant the second time I hardly exercised. I was too tired, hence the reason I should have exercised! I got really fat and by the time Justin was born I was huge, gigantic, mammoth……

When Justin was a couple months old I started to exercise again. We already had a treadmill so I bought a bunch of free weights to complete our “home gym.” I dusted off my Lululemon gear and started exercising again. As my body slowly returned back to it’s normal shape, I thought I needed some more workout clothes. So off to Lulu again. I bought two more tank tops.

A few months later I decided to go back to Lulu and look at their other clothes, not just the “workout” ones. I bought a pair of “Be Still” pants, a blue hoodie, and a workout bra. I practically lived in the Be Still pants! They are the most comfortable capri pants you could ever wear.

Six months after Justin was born, I got pregnant again! I vowed this time that I was going to maintain my exercise routine throughout the whole pregnancy. And I did. I wore my Lulu stuff up until the day I gave birth. I couldn’t believe the clothes I had bought 3 years ago had lasted through 3 pregnancies! And they were still in great shape.

After Benjamin was born I lost all the baby weight plus and extra 30 pounds! It was time to go shopping! So where did I go? You guessed it, LULULEMON. I bought:

Athletic Deep V Tank Top
Wonder Under Long Tights
Boogie Crop Pants
2 Cool Out Tunics
3 Shape Jackets
2 Remix Lulu Hoodies
Be Still Crop Pants
2 Track Tech Tank Tops
2 Belted Jackets

Recently I went back and bought some more shorts and another tank top! I cannot walk into the Lululemon store and come out empty handed!

I live in Lulu clothes. They are the most comfortable and durable clothes I own. They are perfect for a stay-at-home mom’s wardrobe. Like I mentioned in the beginning, this isn’t the cheapest addiction I have. Lulu stuff is not cheap. For example, a typical Lulu hoodie costs $98. But like I said, this stuff is really durable and fits like a glove. So until I find something better Lululemon will remain my #1 addiction!

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1 joeytipping July 3, 2009 at 9:52 pm

As far as addictions go it's not a bad one at all. Plus you are stylish and comfortable at the same time and you look rad!!!xoxox


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