My Addiction – Part II

by Jen on July 10, 2009

Last week I told you about my Lululemon addiction.

Yesterday I was a good girl. A friend and I went to the mall to shop at the new Bath & Body Works (it was spectacular by the way!) Anywhooo…on the way there we had to pass by Lululemon. My friend had to go in so of course I did too. I was standing at the entrance and I told myself I wouldn’t move. However, I spotted a bright yellow long sleeve T-shirt that was calling my name from across the store. How could I resist? So I sauntered over there to take a looksie. Well, okay, I might as well try it on! I put it on and loved it. I decided to look at the price. I was thinking it would be priced in the range of $45 – $55. I was mistaken. The long sleeve T-shirt was a whopping $88! I was so disappointed. I could not justify spending that much on a T-shirt. So I hung it up and walked out of the store. I am so proud of myself, I came out of Lulu empty handed!

My other addiction is also an expensive one. It’s…purses! I LOVE purses. I have a large shelf in my closet that is full of them. All different colours, sizes, and materials. However, most of my purses are leather. I LOVE soft leather purses, especially the ones you can find at the Roots store. Roots purses are sooooo soft and supple! I have a few black ones, a white one, and a brown one. I change my purses along with the seasons so I can’t have just ONE!

If you have been to the Roots store and looked at their purses then you will know that they aren’t cheap. I think the cheapest one is $198! My purse addiction is much like my Lulu addiction; I cannot go into the store without buying a new purse. When I walk by the store I have to try really hard to resist the temptation to go inside. Mark really dislikes this addiction. “How many purses does one person need?” “You can’t put a number on these sorts of things, honey.” It’s gotten so bad that I don’t tell him when I buy a new one. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!

When I was in Tucson in May, my mom and I were shopping and we stumbled upon the Fossil store. It is a store that sells watches and purses. Like Roots, their purses are also sooooo soft and supple! I found a beautiful light turquoise coloured purse that I instantly fell in love with. I checked out the price…$288, American! Oh boy, I really shouldn’t. So we left the store after much humming and hawing. We went and had lunch. I kept dreaming about that purse. I finally decided that I was going to get it, screw those guilty feelings. However, much to my delightful surprise my mom said she would buy it for me for my birthday!!! Oh really? Are you sure you want to spend that much on me? Well, yes, I am your only child! So back to the store we went and got that purse. THANK YOU MOM! When I brought it home Mark noticed that I was carrying a new purse! I noticed him looking at it and I quickly blurted out, “I didn’t buy it!!!”

I’ve been using that purse since I got home and for now I don’t feel the need for another one to add to my collection. However, winter is right around the corner….

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1 Michelle July 11, 2009 at 2:04 am

I LOVE purses, too! I don't enjoy clothes shopping, but I love purse shopping. We really need to get together and purse shop. My purses aren't nearly as expensive as yours though. I am a bit more thrifty with my purse purchases! HaHa.

I love the colour of the purse your mom bought for you. It's a great spring/summer purse.


2 joeytipping July 11, 2009 at 4:10 am

Well, winter's a comin' and you will be in Tucson in October so maybe a Christmas present….?????? xoxox


3 Cheryl July 13, 2009 at 9:24 pm

nice purse!
Nice mom!!!! So sweet, enjoy!!


4 Anonymous July 13, 2009 at 9:59 pm

oh!! nice purse jen. love it!! i have a "matt and nat" purse and wallet addiction. boys just don't get it!

annette 🙂


5 Stacie's Madness July 14, 2009 at 4:32 pm

I am too much of a cheap ass to have addictions…I have more of a "wish I could buy" addiction. 🙂


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