My Addiction – Part III

by Jen on July 16, 2009

Over the past two weeks I shared with you my addictions: Lululemon and Purses.

Well…I have another addiction. This one isn’t nearly as expensive. Actually, it’s really cheap. The only problem, this addiction isn’t so good for me. No, it’s not chocolate, although I am addicted to that too. This addiction is stronger than chocolate.

My addiction is Nibs. If you like licorice than I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s those little red pieces of licorice that come in a big bag. Mmmmmmm…just writing about them makes me drool!

I have always loved licorice, since I was little. My mom used to buy black Twizzlers which I also love but I can’t eat them in large doses or else I’m running to the bathroom every few minutes (TMI?). My mom also loves salted black licorice which is a Dutch treat. My mom is Dutch so I grew up with that stuff. You’re probably thinking GROSS, but it is VERY good. However, just like the black Twizzlers, don’t eat more than 5 or else….

My favorite licorice is red. I love Twizzlers but I especially love Nibs. They taste different than regular Twizzlers…they are cherry flavoured. Mark’s mom thinks they taste like cough syrup! That’s okay, then I don’t have to share them with her!

There is an art to buying Nibs. You MUST, let me repeat, MUST make sure they are fresh. To do this you need to squeeze the Nibs in the bag. If they are squishy then they are probably fresh. If they aren’t squishy then don’t buy them. Hard, chewy Nibs are not enjoyable! To find the fresh Nibs you’ll have to reach your hand to the very back of the shelf, that’s where the fresh ones are. Don’t buy the ones in the front, they have been on the shelf the longest!

I always buy my groceries at Superstore. I can never find fresh Nibs there so I have to go hunting for them. First I’ll try Safeway since they seem to regularly stock their candy isle. If I can’t find any there then I’ll go to Walmart. I can usually find fresh Nibs there. If there isn’t any there then London Drugs is my next best bet. However, I’ll even try Sobey’s or Co-op if I’m in desperate need of them. I won’t settle for stale Nibs! Believe me when I say that I will drive all over the city to find some fresh ones. I can never pass up fresh Nibs. If I’m in a store and I find some I will always buy them!

When we go to Tucson every year I have to bring Nibs with me in my suitcase because you can’t get them in the U.S. Licorice in the U.S. is not the same as here in Canada. It tastes like plastic, not that I eat plastic, but I imagine that is what it would taste like! BLAH. BORING. TASTELESS.

I try to limit my consumption of Nibs to once a month. It’s really hard to resist them but they are loaded with sugar and are just a “once-in-a-while” indulgence. If we go to a movie then that is my treat. Currently I don’t have any in my pantry, Superstore didn’t have any this week which is probably a good thing since I just went to a movie two weeks ago and ate a large bag of ’em!

I just thought of a great invention…chocolate covered Nibs! Oh my….

What is your favorite treat?

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