by Jen on November 23, 2009

I have been contemplating buying a Bodybugg (or something similar) for the past few weeks….and today, I finally broke down and bought one! Well actually, my hubby is buying it for me (on our “joint” credit card) and giving it to me for Christmas.

I did a lot of research on these little gadgets. Basically, what the Bodybugg does is tell you how many calories you are burning all day…and night! So after spending 12 hours with my kids, I’ll know how many calories I’ve burned. And I bet it’s a tonne! They are busy, busy, busy boys! I’ll also know how many calories I burn during my workouts. You can manage your activities online and also track your calories consumed by entering the foods you’ve eaten that day. Then it lets you know if you are acheiving your goals or what you can do to get on track. Pretty spiffy if you ask me!

Most people use the Bodybugg to assist in achieving their weight loss goals. However, I’ve achieved that goal, but I still have to work hard to maintain my current weight. The Bodybugg has a maintenance setting so that I’ll know if the calories I’m consuming are matching the calories I’m expending. I’ve worked so hard to get this far so I want to make sure that I can maintain this rock hard body.

However, it aint’ cheap to try and maintain my weight. This thing is expensive! And they keep you going by making you subscribe to the online program! Uggghhh. However, to me, it’s worth it. I figure, you can’t put a price on health!

So over the next few months I’ll write about my usage of this little gadget, and we’ll see if it is worth the $$$!

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