How to Throw A Pity Party For Yourself

by Jen on November 24, 2009

It’s been 2 weeks.
2 weeks what?
2 weeks since I have interacted with the outside world!
My parents are still soaking up the sun in Tucson (I’m so jealous) and my poor MIL has been suffering with a bad cold for the past 2 weeks. What does this mean? No. Help. For. 2. Weeks!
I know what your thinking…get over it already, you’re a stay-at-home-mom! It’s your job to be at home with your kids! But, but, but….
A mom needs. No. NEEDS! her time. Time just to get away. To go and get a coffee, to shop, to interact with people older than 3 years old! And dropping my oldest off at preschool doesn’t count. Yes, there are other moms there but the majority of the people are 3! So when you are outnumbered, it doesn’t count!
2 weeks.
I keep telling myself I can do it. I can make it. So what if I have a little bald spot by the end of it. So what if I freak out at the littlest things. So what if I can’t sleep more than 5 hours. I’ll get through it! And when I reach the other side, I’ll be a stronger mother. Because I made it 2 weeks without any help. And I’ll be damned if I ever do it again!
P.S. This story brought to you by today’s sponsor, Pity Party.

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