Slow Cooker Roast

by Jen on February 15, 2010

Dear readers,

I consider myself a pretty good cook. I cook dinner every night for my family. And I enjoy cooking. I have even begun to enjoy baking! But I have a nemesis in the kitchen.

I love to use my slow cooker. I especially love to make soups and stews in my slow cooker. But the one thing I can’t cook in my slow cooker is roast! I love a good roast. It reminds me of family Sunday dinners. Comfort food.

But for some reason, my roast always turns out dry. Originally, I thought it was my slow cooker that was drying out the roast. I thought it was cooking too hot and therefore, cooking it too much. So for Christmas, my parents bought me a new slow cooker. It has 3 different sized bowls. Perfect for different sized meals.

So last night, I thought I would try it out. I bought a beef roast and cut it in half (the five of us can’t eat a whole roast so I need to cut it in half). I decided to put the roast in the medium sized slow cooker bowl. The recipe said to cook the roast for 8 hours. Since mine was smaller, I only put it in for 6. By dinner time, the roast was done. Actually, it was over done! Hubby described it as sandpaper! Sandpaper? Yup. *Sigh* Thank goodness I had made some gravy to go along with it, that helped it slide down our throats a little easier.

This is not the first time I’ve turned a roast into sandpaper. It’s probably the 14th time! Each time I tell Hubby we are having roast, he cringes. He asks me, “so, is it going to be better this time?” And each time I tell him it’s going to be better. Lie. Each time, it’s the same ol’ dry roast.

I’ve figured out it’s not my slow cooker. Nope, can’t use that excuse anymore. It’s me. I’m screwing it up. And I don’t like to screw up in the kitchen. Cooking is the one thing I’m good at. So naturally, I need to fix my dry roast problem.

I’m asking for a little help here…..please….pul-ease!!!

Are there any slow cooker experts out there?

Am I cooking it too long? Maybe I should only cook a small roast for 2 hours? Is it even possible to cook such a small roast? Maybe I shouldn’t bother cutting it in half?

Deserately Seeking a Nice Juicy Roast

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