Wonderful Wednesday – Health & Beauty Edition

by Jen on February 17, 2010

I had a thought. Thoughts don’t come to me easily these days. I’ve got mommy brain. Basically, my brain is mush. So, when I had this thought, I was a little excited. I immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting.
You see, each Wednesday, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite products. These products can range anywhere from food to cleaning.
*On a side note, I’m not getting paid for any of this.*
So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite health & beauty products that I use on a daily basis.

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Soap. I love this stuff. B&BW recently opened a store in Calgary! I go there on a regular basis. I think I have tried almost every flavour scent of soap. I use the perfumey ones in the bathrooms and the fruity ones in the kitchen. Right now I have Irresistible Apple by the kitchen sink.

I keep a basket by the kitchen sink with all of my hand lotions. In that basket, I have some stuff from BeautiControl. The clear looking stuff is called Sugar Cookie Instant Manicure. OMG! It smells just like a sugar cookie. It’s basically sea salt and mineral oils that you rub on your hands. After you rinse it off it leaves your hands feeling like a baby’s bum. The stuff in the white tube is cuticle exfoliant. You just dab a little on each cuticle, rub it in, and rinse off. When finished, you use the lotion in the silver tin, Cuticle Salve. This whole process leaves my cuticles feeling soft. And then of course, I have the hand lotion from B&BW.

Lip Gloss. Pictured here are all of the lip glosses that are in my purse right now. Most of them are from B&BW with the other two being from Clinique. I love to wear a little bit of clear lip gloss most days. My lips dry out so easily in this Calgary weather! I especially love the peppermint ones from B&BW.

This is the stuff on my nightstand. Before I go to bed each night, I apply some lip balm from BeautiControl. This one smells like sugar cookie. It takes every effort not to lick it off right away! Then I rub some lotion on my hands. I love Aveeno. I find it works really well and keeps my hands very soft. Sometimes I’ll use the BeautiControl hand lotion but it’s not cheap so I use it sparingly.

My flat iron. I use it everyday. If I didn’t, my hair would be one frizzy mess!

My deodorant. I use organic deodorant. I can’t stand the thought of rubbing aluminum on my pits each day. That’s just me. The fewer chemicals, the better. This deodorant is from Origins. It’s a spray and it keeps my pits smelling fresh all day. I’m sure my family appreciates that!

Clinique. I heart Clinique. It’s the only product I use on my face. When I wash my face in the mornings and the evenings I use the 7 Day Scrub, Liquid Soap, Clarifying Toner, and the Moisturizing Gel. The rest is all makeup: moisturizer, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush, bronzer. I love their products because they are all hypoallergenic and so gentle on my skin.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to give myself a mini pedicure every night before bed. This is the foot scrub and lotion I use from The Body Shop. It’s peppermint. It makes my tired and dry feet feel like butter.

Did I mention B&BW yet? Can you tell I love this stuff? Especially the Coconut Lime Verbena scent? I use the body wash, body scrub, body butter, body mist, soap, and hand sanitizer! I’m probably going to turn into a coconut soon! That’s not good, coconuts are hairy….but, they are yummy.

That’s it for this week’s edition. Hope you enjoyed. I would love to know what health & beauty products are your faves! Who knows, maybe you already use some of the same ones!?!

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