It’s NOT About the Numbers Anymore

by Jen on June 9, 2011

See this?

As of today, that thing is in the garbage!

You see, I used to be all about the numbers. The numbers on the scale that is.

After having 3 babies, and then trying to lose all the pregnancy weight, I would weigh myself all. the. time.

Even after losing all the weight, I would still weigh myself on that scale. I felt it kept me accountable. Accountable to those 3 little numbers I would see everyday.

However, for the past few months, I haven’t been weighing myself that much. I had been wanting to gain 5 pounds. I felt I was looking a little…..gangly?!

To do this, I started adding a lot of “good” fats back into my diet.

Before this, I had been concentrating so hard on eating only “low-fat” this and “low-calorie” that. But I wasn’t trying to lose weight anymore, so I added back in the good stuff: avocados, real peanut butter, flax seed, olive oil, etc. I also would indulge once in a while in a dessert. I mean seriously, who can be perfect in their eating forever?! Not moi.

I also added in some heavier strength training and more intense cardio to my workouts.

After a little while of “good” fats, a few desserts, and some extra tough workouts, I decided to weigh myself again. At first, I’ll admit, I was scared to step on the scale. I had been a certain number for a while, and to see that number go up, (even though I knew it was good for me) was going to take some getting used to.

Surprisingly, the extra 5 pounds felt good. My body felt great. I could see positive changes.

So….what do I do?

I decide to start weighing myself regularly again. The whole “accountable” excuse.

I weighed myself weekly.

The first week I stepped on the scale, my weight had increased 2 pounds. I chalked it up to PMS…you know what I’m talking about ladies, right?

The second week, my weight had gone up another pound. What the?

The third week, it was back to normal.

The fourth week, back up 3 pounds!

Seriously. I don’t get it! How can someone’s weight fluctuate so much. I’m eating super healthy (I didn’t even eat 1 slice of Mark’s bday cake!) and my workouts are intense!

My theory……

The scale is a liar!

Yep, a complete liar.

I think people’s weight fluctuates naturally, some more than others. Obviously, I’m one of those “more than others” type. Maybe it’s water retention, maybe I’m gaining more muscle, maybe, maybe, maybe what??!

So in the garbage Mr. Scale goes.

I haven’t even been wearing my Bodybugg anymore *gasp*! (If you want to know what a Bodybugg is, you can read this post)

I’m even thinking about not tracking my calorie intake anymore!

As long as I’m feeling good, eating right, exercising, and still fitting into my skinny jeans……

That’s what it’s all about.

So tell me, do you weigh yourself on a regular basis or just go by how your clothes are fitting and how you are feeling?

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