It’s NOT About the Numbers Anymore

by Jen on June 9, 2011

See this?

As of today, that thing is in the garbage!

You see, I used to be all about the numbers. The numbers on the scale that is.

After having 3 babies, and then trying to lose all the pregnancy weight, I would weigh myself all. the. time.

Even after losing all the weight, I would still weigh myself on that scale. I felt it kept me accountable. Accountable to those 3 little numbers I would see everyday.

However, for the past few months, I haven’t been weighing myself that much. I had been wanting to gain 5 pounds. I felt I was looking a little…..gangly?!

To do this, I started adding a lot of “good” fats back into my diet.

Before this, I had been concentrating so hard on eating only “low-fat” this and “low-calorie” that. But I wasn’t trying to lose weight anymore, so I added back in the good stuff: avocados, real peanut butter, flax seed, olive oil, etc. I also would indulge once in a while in a dessert. I mean seriously, who can be perfect in their eating forever?! Not moi.

I also added in some heavier strength training and more intense cardio to my workouts.

After a little while of “good” fats, a few desserts, and some extra tough workouts, I decided to weigh myself again. At first, I’ll admit, I was scared to step on the scale. I had been a certain number for a while, and to see that number go up, (even though I knew it was good for me) was going to take some getting used to.

Surprisingly, the extra 5 pounds felt good. My body felt great. I could see positive changes.

So….what do I do?

I decide to start weighing myself regularly again. The whole “accountable” excuse.

I weighed myself weekly.

The first week I stepped on the scale, my weight had increased 2 pounds. I chalked it up to PMS…you know what I’m talking about ladies, right?

The second week, my weight had gone up another pound. What the?

The third week, it was back to normal.

The fourth week, back up 3 pounds!

Seriously. I don’t get it! How can someone’s weight fluctuate so much. I’m eating super healthy (I didn’t even eat 1 slice of Mark’s bday cake!) and my workouts are intense!

My theory……

The scale is a liar!

Yep, a complete liar.

I think people’s weight fluctuates naturally, some more than others. Obviously, I’m one of those “more than others” type. Maybe it’s water retention, maybe I’m gaining more muscle, maybe, maybe, maybe what??!

So in the garbage Mr. Scale goes.

I haven’t even been wearing my Bodybugg anymore *gasp*! (If you want to know what a Bodybugg is, you can read this post)

I’m even thinking about not tracking my calorie intake anymore!

As long as I’m feeling good, eating right, exercising, and still fitting into my skinny jeans……

That’s what it’s all about.

So tell me, do you weigh yourself on a regular basis or just go by how your clothes are fitting and how you are feeling?

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1 Anonymous June 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Sadly, I admit that I am obsessed with the scale. I have been on a paid program for a year and am down 45lbs. I hate the draw of the scale and the need I feel to weigh myself ALL THE TIME! Although I am done the 'weight loss' part of the program, I could stand to lose 10 more. But, I am being healthy, made positive changes etc … I should learn to accept the fluctuations and be happy with the successes! Good for you for pitching the scale … i think you look awesome!


2 Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy June 9, 2011 at 11:18 pm

for a long time I would not go near a scale. My number is higher than you'd expect no matter how much I lose. Now I weigh myself every few weeks just so I know. I don't have a scale in the house, I use the one at the Y. I go by how my clothes fit and how I'm feeling. I would rather eat in moderation, work out the way I want and fit in my clothes… than be obsessed with a number


3 Merry June 10, 2011 at 12:08 am

I weigh myself every day tho I don't do that much to affect the number. I mostly eat what I want and I weigh within 5 lbs of high school ( go I'm not skinny at all). I stress about it and would love to be lighter but I'm just not willing to do what it takes. I guess I use the scale to make sure it doesn't REALLY get out of hand.


4 Suzi June 10, 2011 at 12:11 am

Do it! Forget the calorie counting! By now you know what a reasonable portion looks like, and that's all that matters, plus it's one less thing you have to think about doing. I can see that it might be hard since you've been doing it for so long but it will be totally freeing when you throw that habit out the window.

I know we've discussed weights before and I would say since I've lost a few more lbs and you've gained some we must be right around the same weight now – and with that I think you are probably in a great place and shouldn't even worry about the calories, scale or the bugg πŸ˜‰


5 Pennie June 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm

I haven't had a scale for years. At first, it was because it was SO DEPRESSING! I used to be underweight, before I had kids. Honestly – I had an eating disorder…and being overweight was so hard to get a grip on. The number on the scale determined my mood…and I'm a pretty positive person. I knew that wasn't right. Psycho, actually. I just threw the darn thing away. The only time I had a hard time was when I went to the doctor's. She never said anything, but I was always depressed afterward, because I saw the number. Psycho. I read that a size 12 was the average size of a woman, and I just chose to live with that – because that was my size.
Then, I joined Weight Watchers a few years ago, and I started weighing myself weekly there – but only there. I stayed in it about a year…and lost about 10 or 12 pounds…and made it to a size 10. I felt good about myself. Case closed.
I fluctuated between a 10 and 12…but mostly a 10. (Sometimes a tight 10, but hey – a woman's prone to get tight jeans during PMS, right?)
Then, when I got M.S. between my meds and being ill, I started shrinking. I lost weight and sizes…now a solid 6, sometimes 4…and down about 20-25 pounds…and declining…I don't even think about it anymore. Food doesn't have any sort of hold on me like it did. I don't think about calories, or anything – if I want something, I have it in moderation…and I tend to crave a balance of things. I listen to my body. I do what I feel is right. I think our bodies speak to us, if we listen carefully. Especially once we're in our "zone." I think we make it harder than it has to be. And, all these numbers just confuse us and make us crazy. It's so much easier now that I'm not striving…it really is. It sounds like that's the same for you, right?


6 Cheryl June 11, 2011 at 1:26 am

I hate the scale but weighing every few weeks keeps my in the least within 5 pounds…if not I reel it in!


7 Weather Anchor Mama June 11, 2011 at 2:06 am

I stop paying attention to the scale a long time ago. I even told the OB GYN that I didn't want to know how much I weighed during my pregnancy. I just wanted to enjoy being preggers, and as long as the doc said I was at a healthy weight, I was fine. Now that my Princess is 10 months, I'm working on losing the weight slowly. I'm still nursing, so I can't diet. I do hope to shed a few when I done, but I won't be checking in with a scale.


8 Michelle June 15, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Did you really throw it out? Wow… that's a huge step. I have gone off the scale for periods of time, but it always becons me back… to throw it right out.. that's bold. I'll think about it! πŸ˜‰


9 Dayna November 9, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Hi, just wondering if you ever had a tough time with eating after you lost the weight. Maybe I should tell you a bit of where I am coming from. I lost about 35-40lbs almost 2 years ago. after I reached my goal weight I seem to have a insanely tough time with eating. I am good for 2 days then seem to go into complete binge mode. Did you ever go through anything like this? Was there anything or is there anything that helps you maintain a healthy diet?


10 Jen November 10, 2011 at 11:10 am

Congrats on the weight loss…that is amazing! The only times that I get really hungry are 1) if I’ve had a really tough workout, specifically a strength training workout or 2) if I haven’t been eating enough. My guess is that you’re not eating enough on those 2 days prior to “binge mode”. I would suggest adding more healthy fats into your diet: nuts, avocado, coconut oil, eggs, flax seeds, nut butter, hummus. Ever since adding more of these into my diet, I feel fuller longer and my cravings for junk food have completely disappeared. Also, make sure you are getting enough protein. Chicken, egg whites, beans are some examples. I also really love a hearty bowl of oatmeal in the morning. It keeps me full for hours. You can find my recipe for “My Favorite Oatmeal” on my FOOD page. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions πŸ™‚


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