Packages. Lots and Lots of Packages!

by Jen on June 29, 2011

While the Canada Post strike was going on…..

I did a lot of online shopping!  I love online shopping.  Actually, I’m kind of addicted to it.  I mean, would you rather take 3 little hyper boys to the store, or sit at your computer and browse online stores in peace?  Ya, I thought so.

So, what did I buy?

Let’s start with my favorite….Lululemon.  You may remember I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago.  A Savasana Wrap.  That wrap is so cozy, I just had to buy another in a different colour!  I told you I have a Lulu addiction….I’m buying their winter clothes in the heat of summer!  Someone shake some sense into me, please.

Next on the list….

Some microfiber cloths.  I love using microfiber cloths to clean and wash dishes with.  They are great!  And….all you have to do is throw them in the wash when they get dirty.  I bought 6 of these MUwaffle dish cloths because they had really good reviews.  Can’t wait to try them.

Next item…..

Mommy cards!  What is a “mommy card”?  It’s like a business card for moms.  Yes, moms, we are a business; we are in the business of raising our children.  (The hardest job in the world according to Oprah…and me!)  I found a great website that has beautiful mommy cards.  I added my email and blog address to them.  I figure I’ll give them out to other moms I meet.  It’s so much easier than searching for a piece of paper and a pen in the bottomless pit I like to call my purse.

Another item I’m anxiously awaiting for are some glass straws.  I ordered 2 drinking straws made out of glass.  Everyday, I drink my 8 cups of water out of a reusable cup.  However, the straw the cup came with is plastic.  After hundreds of uses, it’s getting a little…..gross!  And I can’t put it in the dishwasher.  So, I thought the next best thing would be some glass straws.  They are reusable (gotta care about the environment, ya’ll) and they are dishwasher safe.  Perfect!

The last item I am eagerly anticipating is a set of……

Bowflex SelectTech’s!  Now, don’t go thinking I was just sitting around one day and decided to order these.  No.  First of all, my hubby would kill me, and second of all, my hubby would kill me.  I thought long and hard about this purchase.

I’ve been strength training at home for a few years now using free weights.  I love them.  But, free weights only come in 5 or 10 pound increments, and sometimes I need something in between.  That’s where SelectTech dumbells come in handy.  I can select 17.5 pounds or 22.5 or…..whatever!

I talked to the hubster before making this purchase.  I sweet talked him, buttered him up, you know, all the necessary stuff needed to get what I want 😉

He agreed, it was a good purchase, one I’ll be using for years to come!

Now I just have to sit and wait.  At least the mail strike is over.  I’m hoping to get some of this stuff sooner rather than later.  It’s kinda like Christmas in July!

**Just a note….I am not getting paid for sharing these products with you.  I just like to share some of my favorite things…kinda like Oprah….kinda….**

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1 Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy June 29, 2011 at 9:58 pm

got to love getting packages! not sure I'd be happy with a glass straw, guess it's the breakage issue I have more than anything. But, hey whatever works!


2 Michelle June 29, 2011 at 10:47 pm

I love on-line shopping ! It's so much easier and crazy mommy never makes an appearance while doing it.

Enjoy all your new treasures !


3 Suzi June 30, 2011 at 12:05 am

I need help too since I'm the one that got you onto the winter wraps in the dead of summer!

I don't have that many packages coming right now, but I do have two different ones from lululemon that I'm waiting on…

Can't wait to heat what you think of your glass straws, I know lots of other people swear by them but I am a bit of a klutz so I'm wondering how easily they break?


4 Mom vs. the boys June 30, 2011 at 2:53 am

so after all that waiting with Canada Post being on strike and you know what's in my mail today??? 4 pieces of junk mail. that's it!!! seriously!! we were so excited to walk down there and get it, thinking there might be all kinds of goodies waiting there for us and- junk mail! thanks canada post for putting the really high priority stuff in order! couldn't live without filling my recycling box with more crap!


5 Sandra July 1, 2011 at 3:49 pm

From one Lulu addict to another, you can never have too much Lulu, no matter what the season! It's 40 degrees here and I'm currently wearing a Lulu hoodie and the yoga pants!


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