Blogger or WordPress…..That is the Question!

by Jen on July 26, 2011

Good afternoon friends!  How is your day going?  Mine has been rather uneventful.

I started my day out with some TurboFire Fire 60….my fave cardio!  After showering, I had no idea what to wear.  It was rainy and cool looking outside so it definitely isn’t a shorts kinda day.  And I don’t want to wear long pants because I would be too hot!  So what’s my compromise?


Sweat pants that sit just below my knees!  They are perfect…and oh so comfy.  And no….they are not from Lululemon 😉

It was a good day for some hot Whipped Oatmeal.   YUM.  I’ll never get sick of that breakfast.  Did you know that if you start your day out with a healthy and hearty breakfast, you’ll make better food choices all day?! 

Today is the day I make our weekly menu.  I wrote a post this morning titled “menu planning tips”, which tells you how I go about this. 

The only day that took me a little longer to plan was Saturday.  That is the day we are hosting Ben’s 3rd birthday party!  There will be 17 people to feed and I didn’t want to serve the usual burgers and hot dogs this time.  So instead of flipping through my cookbooks to find something, I thought of a theme: Greek!

A Greek theme is so easy.  Marinated and grilled Chicken, Tzatziki Sauce, Pitas, Greek salad.  Done and done.  The dessert won’t be Greek, but whatev…it’s a birthday party!

Themes are great when it comes to having a party.  It makes planning and preparation so much easier.

This afternoon I have some ironing to do and I think my mom is going to stop by for a quick visit.

One quick question before I go…..

I’ve been thinking of switching my blog over to WordPress.  Is this a good idea?  Anyone have any experience with that?  Which do you prefer, WordPress or Blogger?

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1 Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy July 26, 2011 at 9:16 pm

sounds like a great menu to me. at Colby's birthday party I had it at 2pm so I only did appetizers, that made life so much easier. I debated on switching my blog to wordpress too for a bit and then decided I wasn't gaining enough for the effort. but that was just my opinion at the time


2 Mom vs. the boys July 27, 2011 at 12:44 am

Yum! I love Greek! I wanna come! lol
wordpress seems great, but I`m too cheap to pay the fees


3 SamiJoe July 27, 2011 at 2:24 am

I totally agree. I've pondered and built a blog in Wordpress but am too cheap to pay the fees. I like that i can change my html coding in blogger to whatever. WP wants to charge me 15 bucks for that. Blogger keeps upgrading and rolling with the times– i'm happy enough with them to stay for now.


4 Colton's Mommy July 27, 2011 at 12:20 pm

I switched from Blogger to Wordpress a couple months ago and I do really like it better. I was having trouble with my posts showing up and no one could comment on Blogger. I switched over to and it was easy and done in a short time. I do not pay anything for my Wordpress blog. I am over at


5 Pennie July 27, 2011 at 2:16 pm

I never had a blog ON wordpress…I have a blog on Tumblr (and don't like it, but I needed to do it for my web creater for SAMmy's…).

I don't like reading wordpress blogs, though. I don't like the way they're set up. (But I would read YOURS…because you're YOU…) 😉 But, I don't think they're that reader friendly. Blogger is much easier to read. You just scroll down. Wordpress blogs, you only read that little teaser, and then you have to click on it to read the rest…I don't like that. Just my two cents…


6 Dana November 16, 2012 at 7:38 am

Wordpress blogs don’t have to use teasers, they can just when in blogger I don’t think it’s possible (or it’s maybe just harder).

I just switched over to wordpress. It wasn’t actually that hard just to move everything over now aside from the photos which they will port over for you so you can take your time unless you do something stupid like I did. I I couldnt’ find a way to do it without having your blog go down for a brief period though.

Wordpress doesn’t cost to use Sami, but you do have to pay someone to host your site.
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