Blogger or WordPress…..That is the Question!

by Jen on July 26, 2011

Good afternoon friends!  How is your day going?  Mine has been rather uneventful.

I started my day out with some TurboFire Fire 60….my fave cardio!  After showering, I had no idea what to wear.  It was rainy and cool looking outside so it definitely isn’t a shorts kinda day.  And I don’t want to wear long pants because I would be too hot!  So what’s my compromise?


Sweat pants that sit just below my knees!  They are perfect…and oh so comfy.  And no….they are not from Lululemon 😉

It was a good day for some hot Whipped Oatmeal.   YUM.  I’ll never get sick of that breakfast.  Did you know that if you start your day out with a healthy and hearty breakfast, you’ll make better food choices all day?! 

Today is the day I make our weekly menu.  I wrote a post this morning titled “menu planning tips”, which tells you how I go about this. 

The only day that took me a little longer to plan was Saturday.  That is the day we are hosting Ben’s 3rd birthday party!  There will be 17 people to feed and I didn’t want to serve the usual burgers and hot dogs this time.  So instead of flipping through my cookbooks to find something, I thought of a theme: Greek!

A Greek theme is so easy.  Marinated and grilled Chicken, Tzatziki Sauce, Pitas, Greek salad.  Done and done.  The dessert won’t be Greek, but whatev…it’s a birthday party!

Themes are great when it comes to having a party.  It makes planning and preparation so much easier.

This afternoon I have some ironing to do and I think my mom is going to stop by for a quick visit.

One quick question before I go…..

I’ve been thinking of switching my blog over to WordPress.  Is this a good idea?  Anyone have any experience with that?  Which do you prefer, WordPress or Blogger?

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