The Fitbit

by Jen on April 27, 2012

Hi, and welcome to Fitness Friday.

I’ve got a new toy.

No, it’s not a new camera lens (although, I would love one of those) or a new car (I’ll be rockin’ the van for a few more years.)

It’s called a Fitbit.  What’s a Fitbit you ask?

Basically, Fitbit is a little device that tracks your activity levels by showing you your steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled throughout the day.

There are a few devices on the market that do the same thing such as Heart Rate Monitors and the BodyBugg.  I used to wear a BodyBugg.  I wore it for about two years.  It showed me how many calories I was burning and consuming, which really helped me in achieving my fitness goals.  But there were a couple of things I didn’t like about it.

1. It straps around your upper arm.  The strap didn’t really bother me, but in the summer, when I wanted to wear cute tank tops, everyone could see some sort of gadget strapped around my arm.  Plus, it made a temporary indent on my bicep!

2. There is a yearly subscription cost for the web-based program.  I think it was something around $80/year.  It’s not that expensive, but it wasn’t something I wanted to keep paying for every year.

So for the past year, I haven’t been using anything to track my activity.  Not that this has bothered me, but I’m always curious to see how many steps I take during the day and how many calories I burn during my workouts.

One day I was reading about the Fitbit, and I found myself intrigued.  I loved the whole idea of it, but I also loved that you clip it onto your pants or stick it in your pocket so no one else sees it!  And…you don’t have to pay a yearly fee to use the web program.

I’ve been using for a week now, and I love it.

Here is a screen shot of the web program:


The information shown is for this past Tuesday.  It was one of my cardio days, so my steps and calories were higher that day.

I’ve realized how hard it is to reach the recommended 10,000 steps/day!  My average steps/day is probably closer to 8,500.  I guess I sit on my bum a lot more than I thought Winking smile

Another great feature of the program is the ability to log the food you are eating.  You can enter in the food you eat for the day and compare it to the calories you burned that day.  I have yet to use this feature since I don’t track my calories consumed anymore, but it would be great for someone on a weight loss journey.

One other feature of the Fitbit is logging your sleep.  You can wear a little wrist band at night that you secure the Fitbit to and it will track your movements at night to see how efficiently you are sleeping.  Again, I’m not planning on using this feature since I usually sleep fairly well.

So far, I’m very happy with the Fitbit.  I find myself increasing my activity throughout the day to try and get to the 10,000 steps!  I suppose I should stop writing this post and get moving then…

*I was not paid for this post.  It’s just wanted to give my personal opinion on the Fitbit, which I purchased on my own*

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