And The Winner Is…

by Jen on August 16, 2012

I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously awaiting to hear who has won the free bag of Mila!

By random draw, the winner is commenter #1: Terre Downum

Congratulations Terre!  I’ll be contacting you to get your information so I can send you your Mila.

Thanks to all who left a comment.  It sounds like many of you would benefit from Mila, just like my family and I have.  I would encourage you to order a one-month supply and just try it for that one month.  I know you would be amazed at the results!  And I’m not just saying this because I’m a distributor.  I truly believe in the power of Mila, I’ve seen it first hand.  This is why I love my job, I get to help others become healthier and live their best life!

You may have even noticed that I’ve started incorporating Mila into some of my recipes:

basil pesto chicken pizza4 300x200 And The Winner Is...







Whole Grain Pizza Crust

chocolate banana pops4 300x200 And The Winner Is...







Chocolate Banana Pops

almond crunch balls2 300x224 And The Winner Is...








Almond Crunch Balls

There will be even more recipes with Mila in the future.

Thanks again to all who entered!

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