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by Jen on October 19, 2012

I wanted to write a post about how to use my recipes to their full potential.

I use Ziplist Recipe plugin to write my recipes.  The reason I do this is because of all the cool features that are available to my readers.  Let’s take an example:


If you click on the blue “Save Recipe” box at the top, Ziplist will ask you to sign into your account or create a free account.  I highly suggest you create an account so you have access to all the features.

Once you sign in, it will ask you to Save to Recipe Box or Add to Shopping List:


When you click on “Add to Recipe Box”, the recipe will be added to your own personal Ziplist recipe box where you can save any online recipe.  If you click on “Add to Shopping List”, Ziplist will add the ingredients from the recipe to a shopping list which is stored with your recipe box which you can then print off to take grocery shopping with you.


The fun begins once you go to your recipe box.  From here, you can create grocery lists, meal plans, and even see where the local grocery store deals are.  Pretty neat huh?!

I know a lot of people like grocery lists along with their meal plan, but I don’t have time to make lists for everyone and I also don’t know what ingredients you already have on hand.  With Ziplist, you can add and subtract the ingredients you need based on the recipes you choose to make from your recipe box that week.  So on Mondays, when I put up my free weekly meal plan, you can save those recipes and then create a grocery list from those recipes!  How easy is that?!

I hope this little tutorial helps you get the most out of my recipes!

*this is not a paid post.  I just wanted to share the features of one of my favorite plugins to help make your life a little easier!*

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