Piyo | Week 3 Review

by Jen on August 1, 2014

Piyo Week 3 Review and Meal Plan


I have officially finished 3 weeks of Piyo!  Can I be honest?  I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long!!

Let me explain myself.  When I first started this program, I was really, really, REALLY afraid to give up the weights.  I had been doing heavy weight lifting and intense cardio programs like Insanity for so long.  I thought this program was going to throw away all that progress.  I thought I would lose muscle tone and also lose my endurance for cardio that I had built up.

Well guess what?  I’m still just as toned as I EVER was, and I haven’t lost my endurance for cardio!!!

My flexibility is improving each time I go through the workouts (which is important for me because I virtually started with very little), and my strength is improving too!  I can tackle those tricep pushups like a BOSS!



I’ve had to become more conscious of my eating.  I’m not burning as many calories as I was when lifting heavy weights, so I watch the portion sizes.  If you have this program, you’ll notice that the portions are a little different than the 21 Day Fix portions.  For example, a serving of almonds in the 21 Day Fix is 12, while a serving of almonds in Piyo is 6.  No more grabbing the bag of almonds and munching away mindlessly!

Once of the most important things when you are doing a fitness program and nutrition plan is to ACCOUNT for EVERYTHING you are EATING!  Write it down.  Track it in MFP or another online app.  If you follow the plan and don’t cheat, you WILL see results a lot quicker.  Here is the Piyo food tracker!  If you go to teambeachbody.com, you can find a digital version and a printable version.

I am a creature of habit and tend to eat the same foods over and over again.  I pick foods that are nutritious but ones that I LOVE to eat, and then I incorporate them into my weekly meal plan.  I also write down how many servings of each macro (veg/fruit/fat/carb) I’m getting during the day so that I can stay on track and adjust if I need to.


Now for the workouts!!  I was exited to add in TWO new workouts this week: BUNS and STRENGTH INTERVALS!  What an amazing workout for the booty!! I would have to say my two favourite workouts this week were Buns and Sweat!



Monday: Define – Upper Body
Tuesday: Buns
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Define – Lower Body
Friday: REST
Saturday: Sweat
Sunday: Strength Intervals

Strength Intervals was great!  It’s a 25 minute workout that gives you a calorie burning, body sculpting full body workout without any weights.

This week, my kids wanted to join in the fun.  While I do my workouts first thing in the morning before they are awake, I put in the Piyo DVD for them in the afternoon.  It was so fun to watch them try all the moves!



I’m super excited for week 4!  While the first three weeks have been great, you are really learning the moves,  working on your form, and building up strength.  In week 4 and beyond, you start to combine everything and build up your strength and flexibility.  I love showing up each day and really pushing myself in each workout.  I notice I’ve started to sweat more during the workouts.  I believe that is due to pushing myself harder now that I know the moves better.  Anyone can show up and do the workout…but did you show up and give it 100%?!  The workouts only work if you do!  So show up each day and give it your all…and I promise you will see results!

One question I continually get asked is: “Will this workout give me results?”  I’ve had so many people message me who have the program saying they aren’t noticing anything or they don’t feel like the program is working.  If you are one of these people, then I say to you; you are not giving it time and you are not trying your hardest.  Please trust this process!!  The workouts do get harder as we go along, and you will be pushed more as you continue your Piyo journey.  Just because you aren’t laying a puddle of sweat when you’re done doesn’t mean it isn’t working.  You are building strength, burning calories, and torching fat but just in a different way…a way you may not be used to.  Have you ever seen those yoga “masters” or “yogis” as they are referred to?  Do they look overweight and unhealthy to you?  HECK NO!!!  They look amazing.  They have lean muscle and wonderful flexibility.  They have beautiful proportioned bodies.   There is more than one way to get results, and Piyo is one of those ways.

Pair fitness with nutrition along with the support and accountability of your COACH (AKA, ME!!), and you have the secret sauce to success in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Are you ready to get your Piyo on?  Join me for me next Drop a Dress Size accountability and support group!  Complete this application to score the details.

Or stay up to date with the latest promotions, challenge groups, and support that I offer by having me as your free coach!  FREE MEMBERSHIP HERE!

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1 Jo August 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm

Hi there, has been great to find your blog!
I’m mummy of three boys and started my journey into home fitness DVDs last year doing insanity and T25. After reluctantly admitting that I was getting bored ( I love Shaun T!) I’ve been on the hunt for another challenge. I’ve started occasionally attending the occasional power yoga session and really enjoyed it bug was nervous of abandoning the intense Shaun T cardio workouts for something ‘gentler’- your review (after reading MANY!!!) has convinced me- think it was the picture of your three boys that sold it actually! Will continue to follow your blog- nice yo hear from a fellow mum of three boys!


2 Jen September 1, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Awesome Jo! It really is a great program, and I plan on doing another 60 days!! Let me know if you need any support, I run monthly groups on Facebook!


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