How to Stay on Track With Your Health and Fitness While on Vacation

by Jen on August 15, 2014

Here are some of my best tips on how to stay on track with your health and fitness goals while on vacation.

Family Vacation


Last week, our family went on a little vacation!  It wasn’t for that long this time, but being away from home, no matter how many days, can still be stressful if you are working towards your weight loss goals…or even if you just want to stay on track.

People ask me all the time how I manage to to stay on track while I’m away.  So I thought it was the perfect time for me to share my tips.


First off, I pack workout gear for the days I’m going to be exercising (which is usually most days.)  Then, I like to pack some programs to take along.  My go-to vacation workout programs are T25, TurboFire, and Piyo.  All of these workouts don’t require any equipment (or at the very least, I’ll pack a resistance band) so they are great for travel.

If we are staying in a hotel, I’ll also check to see if they have a DVD player in the room.  If they don’t, I bring along my laptop (which I normally bring anyway because sometimes I can’t get the DVD player in the hotel to work!)  I’ll also scope out their fitness centre if they have one.

The next thing I pack is Shakeology packets.  I don’t bring the whole box, just how many packets I’ll use while we are a couple extra in case I need an emergency stash 😉  I also pack my shaker cup so I have something to mix it in.  If you love to have ice with your Shakeology, then you can also pack a mini blender.  Personally, I don’t pack the blender as I’m okay drinking it with just water, and then I eat a banana and almond butter on the side.  But you can pack both Shakeology and your blender in your suitcase!

Shakeology on the go! Shakeology on the go!


I also bring along a big bag of raw almonds!  These are great to have on hand in an emergency..especially on an airplane. Another thing I bring along are some protein bars!

Then, once we arrive at our destination, it’s time to shop for food!  I always try to book a room with a mini kitchen.  But when that’s not possible, I check out the hotel menu before we leave to see what they have.  When I hit the local grocery store, I’ll get the following items:

  • fresh fruit like bananas and apples
  • bottles of water
  • small jar of almond butter
  • Ezekiel bread or whole wheat bread
  • almond milk
  • hummus
  • chopped fresh veggies
  • oatmeal

I try to eat in as often as possible, but if we have to eat out, I check out the hotel menu or we look for some familiar restaurants close by.  For example, Starbucks has healthy oatmeal for breakfast and Subway has healthy sandwiches for lunch.

If we go out for dinner, there are always healthy choices you can make off of a menu.  I think every restaurant has a side salad of some sort.  Just ask for some grilled chicken and the dressing on the side to make it a complete meal.  All other condiments should go on the side as well, or ask for the mayo to be left off completely.  I don’t order the fries, I always opt for the side of veggies (no butter!)  And of course, pass on the bread basket!!  The key is to conserve the obvious calories because no matter what you do, you are always eating more than you normally would.  So just do your best and enjoy the rest!

Do I have a drink??!! YES!!  I like my Bahama Mama too ya know 😉  But I don’t order a ton of drinks throughout the day, I’ll have one with dinner usually, and then maybe another at some point during the day.  The key is this: pick and choose what you REALLY want to indulge on.  Maybe that’s dessert one day, or drinks another day.  Don’t eat and drink EVERYTHING.  Eat or drink what you REALLLLLLY want then pass on the stuff that’s just “okay.”

Yes there is going to be temptation along the way.  But I always make sure I pack healthy stuff in my purse like protein bars, fruit, and almonds.  That way, when I’m tempted, I know my body is being fuelled with the right stuff and I’m less inclined to pig out on the unhealthy stuff.  The key is not to go around being hungry! Eat something before you go so that you aren’t hungry when you get somewhere and grab the quickest, and most likely, worst food.  Plus, I want to have energy for my day, and I know if I eat the junk, I’ll feel so sluggish the rest of my day, and that’s NOT how I want to feel.  So fuel your body for energy!

Stairwell Workout

The LAST key to your success while on vacation is to EXERCISE!!  Don’t make excuses that you are on vacation.  Exercise gives you energy, strength, and stamina to be active all day with your family.  My workouts are part of who I am, it’s what I do, and I don’t stop just because I’m not at home.  Where there is a will, there is a way!  This last vacation, our room was too small to do any kind of workout in.  So instead, I did a stairwell workout!  It was one of the best workouts I’ve done!  There was no one around, just me and my tunes doing the stairs.  I even added in a few pushups and lunges.

It’s not that I’m trying to lose weight on vacation, I just want to maintain my healthy habits!

And yes, I still get up early and get my workouts in before everyone else gets up.  That way, when the family wakes up and are ready to go, so am I!

Vacation is supposed to be fun, don’t let it stress you out!  You can still enjoy your vacation and stick to your healthy habits!


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