Simplify the Transition to Clean Eating Using Shakeology

by Jen on December 4, 2014

Simplify the Transition to Clean Eating Using Shakeology

Are you making your health a priority? I think most people would answer “yes!” Most people would say they do care about what they are eating and about keeping unhealthy choices to a minimum. But the reality of it is, what we say and what we actually “DO” are two very different things.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. When it comes to our health, most people try to be healthy when it’s the most “convenient” for them. Maybe you have an upcoming cruise, or a wedding, or you want to get healthy in the New Year. That’s when people typically care about their health the most. But what about when that cruise, wedding, and New Year are over? We tend to go right back to where we started, back to the bad habits again. I hear so many complaints about people’s lack of energy, being so tired, stressed, body aches, having uncontrollable cravings for sweets and carbs at nighttime. But very few people are actually willing to do something long enough to help reverse those effects and start feeling better.


Have you ever heard the saying, “There is no such thing as a bad workout, but there is such a thing as a bad diet.” It’s so true. You can go for a walk, do yoga, go skiing…anything active is exercise. But nutrition, that can be all wrong. And since 80% of your results (I would even say 90%) come from your nutrition, there is no way you can out-exercise a bad diet. Trust me, I’ve tried it! I would KILL myself in the gym only to see very little results.

Just five years ago, I decided to embrace the idea of clean eating. Sure, I’ll admit I was totally skeptical and resistant and first. I looked at cookbooks and there were so many ingredients I wasn’t familiar with! I actually returned my first clean eating cookbook thinking I could NEVER eat that way. But after doing more research about clean eating and not having much success on my own, I went back to the store, bought the cookbook again, and committed to clean eating.

What happened was actually very shocking to me. I found that I could actually eat more and not have to starve myself. The reason is because I was eating the right kinds of foods, not the wrong kinds anymore. I gained more energy and started sleeping better. The weight started coming off too! And not because I was dieting, but because I was eating food the way God intended it to be eaten. I never went on a diet, I just changed the way I ate and my lifestyle overall. The way I eat is now a way of life. I eat 5-6 small meals a day, spaced 2-3 hours apart. I’ve cut out processed foods and drink lots of water. I can eat this way wherever I go. Sure, it’s challenging at times because our society is all about eating out of convenience.

before-after2 Before Clean Eating and Shakeology and After


I know there are so many diets out there, and trust me, I’ve tried them too! Prepackaged foods, counting calories, pills…you name it, I’ve done it. But I still lacked energy and felt starved all the time. Thank goodness I have found a much healthier way to lose weight and still feel amazing! And it’s now my mission in life to help others feel the same way.

One of the most significant parts of my nutrition has been the addition of Shakeology. I totally just caught you rolling your eyes!! I get it, I did too when someone first told me about it. I had never tried a meal replacement shake before. I had always just gone to the grocery store and bought some cheap protein powder. But once I started ChaLEAN Extreme and clean eating, plus dealing with the craziness of 3 boys under the age of 3, I needed a meal that was quick, convenient, and provided me with all the nutrients I needed. I’ve even had it for dinner on those crazy hectic days!


You know those days, where you have laundry piled up, you need to get the kids to their activities, and YOU are always the last to eat? What typically happened on those days? I would go to the drive-thru and eat garbage for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I would get a caramel frappuccino and a muffin and feel so gross and bloated afterwards. I would lack energy, feel totally guilty for not having the will power to make a better choice, and then crave even more bad stuff!

Am I describing YOU??? Are you in the same vicious cycle I was of wanting to be healthy but not having enough time, energy, or will power?

Here are some tips to help you get back on track:

1. Start TODAY! Don’t wait until Monday or the New Year! You can lose an average of 2 pounds per week with clean eating and exercise, which means you could lose up to 6 pounds before the end of 2014! How would that make you feel?

2. Start small –> cut out the processed sugars, white flours and soda. Cut out one of these things each week. Give away or throw away the Christmas baking you receive, send goodies you get to work with your spouse. Just get it out of the house!

3. Read labels. Start reading labels carefully. If it has ingredients you can’t pronounce, then don’t buy it.

4. Don’t feel guilty not buying sweets for your kids. If we don’t need them, they don’t need them. Imagine giving your kids sugary cereal and then sending them off to school…that creates fatigue and brain fog. We can’t expect our kids to eat junk and do well at school.

5. If you struggle with planning some of your meals, then replace 1 meal per day with Shakeology. Let me tell you why. First of all, Shakeology is NOT a protein shake. There is a big difference between a protein shake and a meal replacement shake. The reason Shakeology is not a protein shake is because it has the correct amount of carb to protein ratio your body needs to stay full between meals. It has the fast burning carbohydrates paired with the slow burning protein to help you stay satisfied.

Shakeology is made up of natural, unprocessed ingredients that give your body it’s daily required vitamins and minerals. So you will notice that the energy you lacked before is now renewed because of the vitamins and minerals. Your cravings for sweets are decreased because you are now no longer lacking the nutrients your body needs. And, you are not over eating because Shakeology is portion controlled.

Shakeology is not designed for weight loss. It’s for nutrition, and when you have proper nutrition, you naturally lose weight! So Shakeology is something I do every day because it’s convenient, it’s healthy, and it doesn’t add to my grocery budget because it’s replacing something that I would have bought that was unhealthy. It’s just over $4 a day which is on the low end of what a healthy meal typically costs, between $4 and $7.

So when you look at clean eating and Shakeology as an investment in your health, how can you say no! It keeps me on track when life gets busy.  Your body is the only body you’re going to get, so if you don’t treat it with respect now, it won’t do you good later on.

6. Look at your food as fuel, not comfort. This was probably the toughest hurdle for me to get over. We all want food that makes us feel good, but guess what? Healthy food can give you that feeling too! When you eat, ask yourself, is this giving me energy? Am I feeling full and satisfied? Is this giving me nutrients or is it filling a void or giving me comfort? Sure, there will be times when you do indulge in a little piece of cake at a birthday celebration, or go to a party and enjoy some fancy appetizers, but those times are not the norm. It’s about balancing the good with the bad, being flexible and realistic and knowing you are NOT living a boring life by eating clean. You are going to have better health and more energy to do the things you love.


My suggestions for you!

If you are SERIOUS about your health and nutrition, first, I highly suggest you add Shakeology to your day. Why not invest in your health? When you feel better, you are more confident, happy and healthy! I totally get you might be skeptical about it. And like I mentioned earlier, I was too! But I said to myself I would try it for 30 days and just see how I felt. Well, here I am 5 years later with the best body I’ve ever had, the most confidence I’ve ever had, and the best health I’ve ever had.

Second, I suggest you come and join my next Drop a Dress Size group. I don’t want you to have just 1 healthy meal a day, I want ALL of your meals to be healthy. I want to show you how to make this a lifestyle, not a crash diet. I’ll give you recipes, meal plans, tips on eating out, tips on preparing your meals, tips on the right kinds of foods to eat and how to pair them together. You can’t fail at this, unless you don’t put in the effort to change!

So if I am not your coach on Team Beachbody your next step is to create a free account and click the “contact your coach” button on the site to connect with me to start your consultation about how you can improve your health and balance the good with the bad!

Your body is the only one you have, treat it like you would treat your children!  You would bend over backwards to make sure your kid’s had medicine for an illness, so why would you diminish your own health?!

CLICK HERE to fill out an application for the next Drop a Dress Size group. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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