21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and Prep

by Jen on February 12, 2015

It’s here: the 21 Day Day Fix Extreme! Here is how I prep and plan my meals for the week.

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan & Prep

It’s time!! My 21 Day Fix Extreme arrived early this week, and I’ve been planning and prepping my meals for the week! I am going to be 100% committed to this program because I know it’s going to bring me some results!

There’s just one little thing…I’m headed to Mexico soon, and that is NOT a good place to start. So…this week, I’m planning and following the meal plan to a T, doing the workouts, and “testing” everything so I’m ready to go when I get back!

Meal prep

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I got my program delivered on Tuesday, and since then, I’ve just jumped right in and started! Because I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix meal plan for the past year, I had a good idea of how to prepare what I was going to eat. That being said, the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan is a bit different because it includes a “Countdown to Competition” plan along with it, which is very different eating than I’m used to.

I started by reviewing the nutrition guide, calculating my calories, determining the number of containers I can have each day, and then printing off the tracking sheets. You can print off your own tracking sheets at www.teambeachbody.com under the GET FIT tab and Workout Sheets. They are seriously the best way to keep track of what you’re eating each day. There are also some great apps in the app store to help you with this if you prefer to keep track on your phone.

I created my own Excel spreadsheet for my personal meal plan which I have printed off and keep in the kitchen so I know exactly what I’m going to eat for each meal. On Sunday, I plan for the next week and prep anything I’ll need, like cooked chicken breast or veggies so that I’m not scrambling during the week.


My game plan for this week is to do the “reverse” Countdown to Competition eating plan, meaning I eat 2 days from the regular Extreme meal plan, and 1 day from the Countdown to Competition meal plan. With the 21 Day Fix Extreme, you can choose which plan you want to follow. But I want to test out the Countdown to Competition eating days first before deciding whether or not I should do it for 2 days in a row or just 1.

I encourage you to make a meal plan and write it down like I did. It just makes it so much easier to know what you’re eating. You will be prepared with healthy foods in the house and won’t be guessing what you’re eating next, which can lead to poor choices.

What I love about this program is you can choose which meal plan you want to follow. You can go really extreme and follow the Countdown to Competition plan to a T, or you can mix the regular Extreme plan with the Countdown to Competition, OR you can just do the regular Extreme meal plan. If you feel you aren’t getting results or you’ve reached a plateau, I would recommend following the Countdown to Competition plan. While it is restrictive and you may find it tough, it is doable! And hey – you can do it for 21 days!!

21 Day Fix Extreme workouts

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For the workouts: you will need a set of light and heavy weights and a resistance band. There are suggestions in the guide book about the weights you might want to use, but I was going a bit heavier than the suggestions, I was using 8 lbs for my light weights, and 15 lbs for my heavy weights. But again, it’s totally up to you. You can even use NO weights!!

The resistance band is used quite frequently, so please make sure you have one of those. I’m using the pink one that came with my TurboFire and T25, but if you don’t have one, you can find them at any sporting goods store, or even Walmart.

21 Day Fix Extreme workoutsThe bottom line when it comes to the 21 Day Fix Extreme is there are no cheats when it comes to your eating and you’re doing workouts that push you to your max! I personally know that when it comes to losing the last 10 lbs or trying to get those abs to show, you’ve really got to dial in your nutrition and workouts and go extreme! Of course, this isn’t something you have to maintain forever, once you get the results, you can go into maintenance mode. I know it can be done! That’s why Beachbody has coaches like myself who are here to help. My job is to provide you support, guidance, tips, and accountability to start and finish the program!!

If you would like to join me in completing this program, please fill out this application! (**only open to those who aren’t working with a coach, or to those who are already working with me**)

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1 Cristina February 16, 2015 at 6:39 am

Hello Jen.. I received the 21day extreme as a gift. i dont have a coach.. I was wondering if you could help me.. I am confused on the countdown to competition calendar and which plan is for me. Like for example how you said you are doing the reverse.
anyway let me know how this works.. and how you can help
i plan to start wednesday.


2 Jen February 18, 2015 at 8:28 am

Hi Cristina! Do you have the guidebook that it comes with? All of that info is in there like how to determine your calories 🙂


3 Anna March 24, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Hi Jen!

Love your page! It is very informative!

I noticed on your meal plan that you drink rice protein powder.
Is it from Beachbody? If not can you please tell me what you use? I am gluten intolerant.

Also, I made your maple cranberry chicken with rice flour, it was the bomb!

Thanks for having such an awesome website full of great advise, recipes and fitness info!


Anna recently posted..Chianti ChickenMy Profile


4 Jen March 26, 2015 at 10:31 am

Hey Anna! Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the Maple Cranberry Chicken. I use two types of powders, I use the vegan Shakeology for one meal a day as it’s a plant-based protein, and I also use SunWarrior Vanilla Vegan protein for a strictly pure protein blend.


5 Melissa May 19, 2015 at 5:52 pm

it wont let me do the drop a dress size thing


6 Jen May 20, 2015 at 9:53 am

Uh oh, that’s no good. Does it say you’ve already signed up?


7 Jennifer January 24, 2016 at 2:12 pm

Hope you are enjoying Sunday Funday! I just finished my second week of 21 Day Fix Extreme and I have to say I don’t feel any different then I did before I started. I feel bloated and bulky (upper body). I am 5ft 4in 132 and have been doing the 1200-1499 eating plan. I have not been 100% on the weekends with my eating, but I have not been that far off where it should hinder my results, I don’t think. I am looking to maybe drop 5lbs and tone (define). I am not sure if I am not eating enough or what is going on and why I am feeling bloated and bulky. Prior to this program I did T25 and was a runner, but didn’t really follow a program, just ate healthy and for the most part it worked. I was getting board and wanted to try something new to see if I could get better results. Any help or feedback would be awesome!

Thank you!


8 Jen January 25, 2016 at 2:41 pm

That is totally normal Jennifer!!! Most people don’t lose weight or notice progress the first 2-3 weeks of a program, especially if you don’t have much weight to lose and just want to tone/define. Right now, your body is adapting to the new workouts and way of eating, it will take time to adjust. For example, I’m doing Hammer and Chisel, and I didn’t start seeing any changes until the end of week 4!! Just keep going, I promise the program works. If you get stuck at a plateau, then definitely move up a calorie bracket and see what happens. You want to make sure you’re feeding your body enough food 🙂


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