Are Smoothies Good or Bad For You

by Jen on July 9, 2015

Is grabbing a smoothie a healthy option? You might be in for a calorie shock!

Is grabbing a smoothie a healthy option? Click HERE to learn more!

Are you ever in a rush to go somewhere, and you have forgotten to pack your usual healthy snack, so you decide to run to the store to grab a quick, healthy smoothie? That used to be me too! I would run into the grocery store or the nearest “smoothie” store and buy what I thought was a healthy drink.

No gluten – CHECK!
No dairy – CHECK!
No added processed sugars – CHECK!
No artificial sweeteners – CHECK!

Sounds great, right? It’s full of veggies and fruit, has everything you want, so you grab it and go. A simple, nutritious 90 calories.

Oh, but WAIT! You double check the label and it says 90 calories per serving, and the 12 oz bottle you just grabbed contains 2 servings! So what you thought was just 90 calories is actually 180. Hmmm..maybe not what you want. So you go and check out the other choices, maybe find one with some protein in it to help keep you full.

You check out the protein shakes, take a quick glance at the calories, and see it’s 130 calories. Okay, not bad. Oh wait, what?? The serving size is just half? Darn, that’s 260 calories for the whole thing!! Oh fine, I’m in a rush, whatever…I don’t care what’s in it, I just gotta have something.

Sound familiar?

So how do these “smoothies” stack up against the ones I make at home?


Total: cal 170 Fat 4g Carb 18g Fiber 5g Protein 16g

Now let’s compare some store-bought ones: (info found on their websites)

Popular “Green” Bottled Juice: cal/bottle 200, carbs 42g, fiber 0, protein 4g

Famous Smoothie Store (large): cal 363, carbs 81g, fiber 5g, protein 9g

Famous Smoothie Store “Superfood” shake: cals 446, carbs 77g, fiber 4g, protein 28g

Holy Cow – can you say CARB CRASH??!!

What can we learn from this?

I know we are all busy, and we can’t take out time to make beautiful healthy meals throughout our day. So here are some tips to help you stay on track:

  • READ ALL LABELS carefully!
  • Plan ahead
    • boil some eggs on the weekend so you have hard boiled eggs in your fridge for the week
    • Wash your fruit and veggies and have them ready in a container to grab and go
    • Portion some nuts in zipper-closure bags
    • Cook extra protein at dinner for a quick snack the next day
    • Have packages of healthy meal replacement shakes in your purse

What are some of your favourite healthy snacks to take with you?

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1 Roxanne July 16, 2015 at 12:45 am

Great reminder, Jen! Whenever i am outside and I haven’t packed some healthy foods to me, I always check the labels, especially the ingredients if it’s allowed in the diet I am currently in. I don’t want my busy schedule to wreck havoc my diet and so I am very careful with what I eat outside.
Roxanne recently posted..6 Healthy Foods for a Sharp and Healthy EyesightMy Profile


2 Terry Benson July 21, 2015 at 8:00 pm

It’s so easy to assume that because retail foods and drinks are dressed up to look healthy and given healthy sounding names such as ***fit, they are actually healthy when they are not. I read labels obsessively, unfortunately, that doesn’t always stop me from grabbing a chocolate when I’m starving, even when I know exactly how many calories it contains without even reading the label! Sometimes it’s hard to exercise will power when you’re stressed or tired. But those are excellent points you made. If we have our food or drinks with us and consume them before our hunger pangs become unbearable, we are far less likely to “fall off the wagon” or be tempted to buy unhealthy food/drinks because we don’t have a choice.
Terry Benson recently posted..4 Dieting and Weight Loss Mistakes That Make You FatMy Profile


3 Jen July 22, 2015 at 10:06 am

Thanks for your comment 🙂


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