Typical Day of Healthy Eating

by Jen on September 24, 2015

What does a typical day of healthy eating look like? I’m sharing my plan in hopes that it can help you.

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Please note that this is a typical day of healthy eating for ME! This way of eating is based on my own health and fitness goals, my weight, my height, my activity, and my likes and dislikes. I don’t want this viewed as what a typical way of eating always looks like, because it’s not. I tend to focus on progress, not total perfection. I include discretionary calories as part of my plan (**if my daily calories/macros allow.) I focus on eating whole foods 80 – 90% of the time.

I have eliminated overly processed foods such as white sugar, white flour, chips, candy, pop, sugary snacks, etc. I rarely go out to eat and I rarely drink alcohol (maybe 1 -2 times per month.) Of course I do splurge on a meal once in a while, it’s just an every day occurrence.

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If you are in Canada or the U.S., and want more information about the supplements listed in my document OR accountability and coaching, please email me at thefithousewife@gmail.com or message me on  Facebook.com/TheFitHousewife.

Please enjoy!

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