5 Women’s Fitness Myths Exposed

by Jen on June 30, 2016

Have you been believing in these fitness myths for too long? Start seeing better results with your health and fitness after learning the TRUTH about these popular women’s fitness myths.

5 Women's Fitness Myths Exposed! Have you been believing in these myths for too long? Start seeing better results NOW!

Certain fitness myths just won’t die.
These myths are passed from one person to the next, a little piece of misinformation that sets you up for failure. And especially as women, believing in these myths can negatively affect our results.
Maybe you’ve heard one or two of these…

MYTH #1: Long, slow cardio sessions are the best way to lose fat.

TRUTH: So many people waste their time and effort on this one. Short intense workouts that incorporate resistance training with challenging bouts of cardio will burn fat much quicker than a long, steady cardio session. You don’t need to clock two hours of gym time in order to get the results you want. You can get great results from a 20 – 30 minute workout by giving it all you’ve got with high intensity.


MYTH #2: Lifting heavy weights makes women bulk up.
TRUTH: Women don’t have the hormones in their bodies that make us bulk up. Instead, lifting heavy allows us to sculpt and tone the muscle. “Muscle burns fat.” If fat burning is what you want to do, incorporate strength training into your workout routine. And don’t be afraid to go heavy!
And don’t think because you’re older than 50 that you can’t start strength training now! Age is only a number.  Women don’t get old and thus have to stop strength training, they get old WHEN they stop strength training!
MYTH #3: Sit-ups melt off belly fat.
TRUTH: You’ve got to burn the fat from your body as a whole. Just as you wouldn’t expect to lose weight from just focusing on building great arms, you shouldn’t expect to lose the weight by just focusing on your abs. Fat is lost throughout the body in a pattern dependent on genetics, gender, hormones, and age. Overall body fat must be reduced to lose fat in any particular area. Focus on working your entire body for better results, and make your nutrition a priority if you really want to see belly fluff melt away.
MYTH #4: The faster you perform and exercise, the better.
TRUTH: Ouch! This is an invitation for injury. Never, ever sacrifice form for speed. Go at your own pace to insure good form. High intensity is where you want to put your focus. Even if you aren’t keeping up with the trainer, giving your workout 100% will get you the results you want. Intensity and good form over speed is the only way to see great results and avoid injury.
MYTH #5: Eat less to lose more weight.
TRUTH:  Yes, it’s true that eating less will help you lose weight.  However, that is not the whole story.  Surviving on 1200 calories (or less a day) is a miserable way to go through life. Our bodies need REAL food, and they need enough of it in order to operate at optimum efficiency.
As I’ve explained here before, NOT all calories are created equal. Some foods trigger positive reactions in our body (i.e. rebuild muscle) while others trigger negative reactions (i.e. store more fat!) I don’t recommend to my clients to stay on a 1200 calorie diet for very long, they need to start eating more to fuel their bodies if they are exercising regularly. As long as these calories are composed of the right kinds of foods and you are doing workouts that get your muscles working and your heart pumping, you WILL see results.
If you only consume 1200 calories per day for a long period of time, your body is going to revolt, you won’t have energy, and you won’t last long trying to restrict yourself like that. Eat real food!  Gluten free cookies are still cookies.  100 calorie packs of junk food? Still junk food.  Fat free Oreos contain more sugar and chemicals than regular Oreos.  Naked Juices aren’t good for you (which is why they got sued for $9 million). * from Nerd Fitness 

There you have it-all you need to know to take your workouts to the next level!

Do you have questions about these myths so that you can get better results? I would love to hear from you.

CONTACT ME today and I will strategize the quickest and most effective route to help you meet your fitness goals. Let’s do this!
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