30 Day Core De Force Results and Review

by Jen on December 15, 2016

Does the newest Beachbody program, Core De Force, actually work? Here are my 30 day results and review!

Does Beachbody's newest workout, Core De Force, actually work? Here are my Core De Force 30 day results and review.

For the past 30 days, I have been committed to the newest Beachbody workout, Core De Force!

Let me be completely honest with you; I actually thought this workout would be easy. I mean, kickboxing for a workout? How hard can that be? I’ve done TurboFire and Combat in the past and really enjoyed them both, so I thought this was just another similar workout.

Well, I was completely WRONG!!


TurboFire is an MMA-inspired workout just like Core De Force, however, TurboFire is highly choreographed, meaning, it’s more like a dance workout. You kick, punch, AND shake your booty! You also workout to the beat of the music, which is what makes it so much fun.

Combat is also an MMA-inspired workout. Similar to TurboFire, you workout to the beat of the music. However, while Combat is similar to Core De Force in terms of the moves, Combat doesn’t have the “cardio spikes” that Core De Force has. For example, in Core De Force, you’ll do a 1-minute punching and kicking sequence, followed by 30 seconds of intense cardio. You repeat this again to complete 1 round.

There is background music in Core De Force, however, you don’t kick and punch to the beat of the music.

TurboFire is also very cardio based. Most of the workouts and short HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) or longer sessions of cardio. There are 2 strength workouts that use the resistance band.

While there is a lot of cardio in Core De Force, I find the cardio quite different since you’re not dancing around. It gets your heart rate up with the cardio spikes but then you recover afterwards with some punching and kicking moves. So your heart rate isn’t sky high the whole time.

My Core De Force Results and Review


Many people ask me if they should add weights along with Core De Force. My answer is, NO! There are 2 workouts in Core De Force (Dynamic Strength and Power Sculpt) that are strength based. While you don’t use dumbbells, you are using your own body weight, which to me, is just as effective. Doing a bazillion pushups in a workout is going to give you a super toned upper body! There is also a lot of leg work and ab work. I did NOT feel the need for added resistance training. Plus, all the punching gives you amazing biceps and shoulders.

It’s incredible how this program has shredded and sculpted my body without weights!

My Core De Force results


I did not follow the meal plan that the program came with.

The meal plan follows the same way of eating that the Portion Fix follows. Once you determine your calories, you can then follow the specific number of containers you need in a day. They also add in extra fats and fruit as the program goes along because the workouts become more intense and you need those extra calories!

For me personally, while I love the portion fix way of eating, I have evolved from that and now eat the way that suits my body the best.

I used to eat a very high carb/low fat diet. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but I could NEVER get rid of that stubborn belly fat. You know, that pocket of fat that hangs around your midsection (aka, love handles?) No matter how hard I worked out or how much I restricted my calories, I couldn’t get rid of that fat.

It wasn’t until I started following the high fat/low carb – ketogenic way of eating that I realized how carbs affected my body. You can read more about my way of eating HERE.

I have done the entire Core De Force program by following the high fat/low carb principles, drinking my Shakeology dairy, and not worrying so much about the number of calories I’m consuming on a daily basis.

You can view my Typical Day of Eating High Fat/Low Carb HERE.

A typical dinner for me and the family.



While my goal was not to lose weight, I did want to increase my strength, improve my core, and aim to eat whole foods the entire time.

And I’m happy to report that I achieved this goal. NEVER in my life has my core looked so good.

I no longer go to bed with a bloated tummy thanks to cutting out most carbs, and my stomach is RIPPED!!

As a mom of 3 who gained a LOT of weight with her pregnancies, I realize that I will always have those stretch marks and loose skin. But like one of my Core De Force test group participants said, “those just mean you are a mama warrior!” LOVE that!

I am a proud and strong mom and every day when I workout and I make healthy food choices I am also doing it to lead by example to my children too.

So yes, I have the stretch marks and loose skin, but underneath all of that is a 6-pack abs!

6 pack abs from Core De Force

The core work in this program is amazing! There is a workout called 5 Minute Core on the Floor. Basically, it’s 5 minutes of plank work – that’s 5 minutes of plank work WITHOUT any break! I truly believe that planks are the BEST way to get your abs in shape, so this workout will be a part of my regular routine going forward.


For the past 30 days, I’ve been running a Core De Force Test Group! It’s been amazing to have the support of other women doing the same program as me. We share our meal ideas, workout tips, and more!

I wanted to share with you one of the women’s results because she has done amazing!

In just her first 21 days of Core De Force, my dear friend (who is a mom of 4!!) lost 11 lbs and over 6 inches!

Core De Force Woman's results

“Soooo incredibly proud of my consistency with clean eating this challenge …needed to do this to help continue to motivate me …thank you so so much Jennifer for this amazing group …and thank you friends for inspiring me!”


I absolutely love Core De Force, so I have decided to continue with the 30 day DELUXE calendar workout schedule!

This program adds in some new workouts like MMA Kick Butt, Agility Strength and Agility power which utilize the agility ladder.  Beachbody On Demand also released 2 new workouts, MMA Speed 2.0 and MMA Shred 2.0, which I have swapped out for the regular MMA Speed and MMA Shred. So I feel like I have a whole new calendar of workouts to do and I’m loving it.

Do you feel like this program could be right for you? Are you ready to kick things into high gear after Christmas?

Simply complete this application to be considered for a spot in my New Year Drop a Dress Size Health Bet Challenge! You’ll get the support and motivation you need including meal plans, daily tips, and PRIZES!! Let’s chat! Just fill out this application and I’ll email you 🙂

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1 Dawn February 21, 2017 at 7:05 pm

It’s nice to read a post from someone that eats Keto and uses beachbody. Just started Core de Force today! Thanks for posting about your experience.


2 Jen February 22, 2017 at 1:28 pm

Thank you Dawn! Good luck with Core De Force, I love that program!


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