How to Get Through The Easter Holidays

by Jen on April 13, 2017

Are you worried about Easter and all the candy you’ll be surrounded with? Don’t be! Follow my plan so you can stay on track.

How To Get Through The Easter Holidays! You don't need to fall off track this Easter. Stick to these tips and you'll avoid the sugar monster!

Are you worried about Easter? Are you worried that you’re going to totally fall off track and succumb to the dreaded sugar monster? It doesn’t have to be that way. Let me share with you how we handle Easter in our house.

Oh That Sugar!

Many of you probably have already bought your Easter candy. It’s hard not to! You walk into any store right now and you’re bombarded with displays of Easter candy.

I used to do the same thing. I would buy all of our Easter candy a few weeks before Easter.

But you know what would end up happening? I would open up a bag of those little cream filled eggs and start eating them because they were there!

Now, I don’t buy ANY candy. And if I do, it’s not until the day before Easter. That way, I don’t have those nasty little temptations lying around the house.

Easter candy

The Dreaded Sugar Monster

You may be wondering why I don’t buy candy. I know what you’re thinking, “How can you deprive yourself and your family of Easter candy?” The truth is, I don’t see it as deprivation. I see it a choice not to choose the sugar because once I start eating it, I just can’t stop!

Maybe some of you can just eat the ears on your chocolate bunny and be done for the day, but I can’t! I remember gorging myself on Easter Sunday, eating a whole chocolate bunny in a day, plus a few large cream eggs. Then I would lie around the rest of the afternoon complaining about a tummy ache. DUH!

The truth is, the more sugar you eat, the more sugar your body craves. When your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, it starts asking for more food! Your hormones, leptin (your satiating hormone) and ghrelin (your hunger hormone,) get out of balance. You start feeling hungry all the time and you never feel satisfied. Your body keeps asking for more sugar!

Now that I know what sugar does to my body, why would I want to do that same thing to my kids?

Just think of what 10 teaspoons of sugar in this one egg is doing to your kids?! It’s one thing for a 150 pound adult, but what about a 50 pound child? Their poor little bodies get overloaded with sugar.

I don’t buy candy for my kids anymore. Why? Because I know they are going to plenty at their grandparent’s house! They will end up getting more than enough, and some of it will end up in the garbage because it’s just too much. They know how I feel about candy and how we keep it to a minimum.

Do they get upset with me sometimes? Sure they do, but they also get over it. I let them keep a couple of Easter candy items and the rest we throw away. I tell them our bodies aren’t garbage cans and we don’t need to eat the candy just because it’s there.

What’s The Alternative?

You’re probably wondering what I do give my kids for Easter!

There are plenty of options to give them besides candy. They love stuffed animals – like, I mean L.O.V.E! So I buy them a little stuffed animal bunny or duck and they adore it. But maybe you have older kids and they like Pokemon cards or Lego, or something to play outside with.

They still enjoy some candy from their grandparents, and I’m creating new traditions for them that don’t involve sugar. It’s okay to go against the societal norms and create your own family traditions.

Before too long, you’re going to walk right by that big Easter candy display in the store and it will be no big deal. Those chocolate bunnies won’t be calling your name anymore!

When it comes to our meals that day, we eat a nice balanced breakfast of bacon, eggs, and the kids will add a fresh Hot Cross Bun for a little treat. For lunch, we’ll have some deli meats, cheese, hard boiled eggs, and fresh veggies with dip. Then for dinner, my mom is making a wonderful beef roast and we’ll serve that with some Lemon Asparagus With Bacon, some roasted tomatoes, and then mashed potatoes for whomever wants those. We typically don’t have dessert on Easter since the kids have chocolate, but you could do something as simple as fresh whipped cream and berries.

I still do my workout in the morning. Easter is no excuse to skip it!

So who’s committed to stopping the self-sabotage this Easter and making new traditions that don’t involve candy? I’d love to hear your tips and methods for getting through the Easter Holiday.

If you’re in need of a post-Easter detox, please visit my Drop a Dress Size info page, fill out the application, and I’ll send you an email with some more details.


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1 Sarah April 14, 2017 at 4:14 am

wonderful tips. I think they are really wonderful gift for my son. lol. He loves candy and eats them all the time. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see your new tips soon.
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