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I get asked all the time what I did to lose 90 pounds! I think people are actually shocked when I tell them I’ve never worked out at a gym. I’ve only ever used Beachbody at home workout programs! Here, you will find everything you need, from weight training programs to cardio based dance programs, Beachbody has a workout for everyone and all fitness levels. Just click on the link to learn more about the programs. **And be sure to check out the discount bundles for even MORE savings!**

Shift Shop

With the SHIFT SHOP, Chris Downing gives you a breakthrough rapid-rebuild program that can help anyone—at any age or fitness level—get LEANER, FASTER, STRONGER in only 3 weeks.

21 day fix program

21 Day Fix

Lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days! With 21 Day Fix, simple fitness and simple eating means fast results. Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take the guesswork out of losing weight.


21 Day Fix Extreme

Need to get seriously shredded in the shortest amount of time? See how simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme 30 minute workouts will help you get the hard body you’ve always wanted.

Core De Force 

Core De Force is packed with the best of MMA-inspired training. In 3 minute “rounds” you’ll get boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai knee-elbow combinations, body weight training, and cardio spikes all designed to help you lose the belly and shred body fat. Just hit it hard for 3 minutes at a time and before you know it, you’ll be done!


Country Heat



Carve an intensely-defined physique – without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints.



TurboFire is the total-body cardio-conditioning program with the best trainer, the best music, the best workouts, and the best spot in class.



Get an hour’s results in only 25 minutes a day! Shaun T’s revolutionary FOCUS T25 workouts gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t. 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.

Hammer & Chisel

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.55.24 PM

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is built on the 3 phases of SSP training – Stabilization, Strength, and Power. Other workouts only focus on one or two phases, which might give you decent results. But the Hammer and Chisel program incorporates all three methods to help you relentlessly chip away fat and carve every muscle for a strong, visually stunning body in 60 days.

22 Minute Hard Corps


You get 8 short workouts, 6 days a week – so your mind never gets bored, and your body never adapts. The workouts feature a unique blend of cardio and resistance training that targets multiple major muscle groups in your body and can help you get shredded fast.


Insanity Max 30

Get the jaw-dropping body you’ve always wanted in just 30 minutes a day with Shaun T’s newest program. No equipment needed – just the will to dig a little deeper and go one minute longer each day for the best results of your life.



Now you don’t have to go to the extreme to get dramatic, visible results! Tony Horton’s all-new P90 workouts are simple, doable, and made to change your body right away – regardless of your age or fitness level.


ChaLEAN Extreme

By toning and building lean muscle, your body will actually burn up to 60% of your body fat! With ChaLEAN Extreme, you learn how to sculpt great arms, a flat stomach, and thinner thighs with more muscle and less fat.


Body Beast

Think you’ve got what it takes to endure the muscle-pumping madness of Body Beast? Torch fat and build muscle with this intense, pure weight training program by Sagi Kalev!


Brazil Butt Lift

Shape, lift, and firm your behind with Leonardo Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift workout. Many of the world’s top bikini models workout with Leonardo, the “Brazilian Butt Master.” Now you can too with his in-home fitness program.



With INSANITY, you use your body to create the best body you can get. You get a total body workout using just your own body!


Insanity: The Asylum Vol. 1

The Asylum teaches you the fundamentals of sports performance used by pro athletes, designed to get you leaner, faster, and stronger than ever.



P90X is a complete, 90-day home fitness system designed to get you in the best shape of your life.



Get ripped in 30 minutes a day using Tony Horton’s muscle acceleration system. Now you’ll always have the time to workout – and you can burn fat and build lean muscle faster than ever.


10 Minute Trainer

10-Minute Trainer is the ultimate excuse buster. Even if you’re super busy, find out how Tony Horton’s Super Stacking Technique can supercharge your results in just 10 minutes a day.

turbo-jam-programTurbo Jam

Kickboxing and body-sculpting workouts set to the hottest dance music—get ready to rock your workout with trainer Chalene Johnson!

hip-hop-abs-programHip Hop Abs

Shaun T’s two high-energy dance workout programs Hip Hop Abs® and Rockin’ Body® give you great moves, great tunes, and great variety to help you burn calories and lose weight

tai-cheng-programTai Cheng

Renew your youthful energy in just 90 days through the healing motion of Tai Cheng! Developed with Dr. Mark Cheng, this low-impact program combines the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi with 21st-century sports science.

rev-abs-programRev Abs

Celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel gives you the six-pack abs of your dreams in just 90 days. RevAbs crushes your core from 6 different angles for sexy, chiseled abs.

3-Day-Refresh-program3 Day Refresh

In just 3 short days, you can get your health, energy, and vitality back on track—all without starving. You’ll conquer your cravings. Get a flatter belly. Feel lighter and more energized. And your clothes will fit better.

ultimate-reset-programUltimate Reset

Increase energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol in 21 days. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse will help your body get rid of the toxins you’ve been taking in for decades and help restore your body to its optimal “factory settings” so you can feel, look, and be healthier than ever!

slim-in-6-programSlim in 6

Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in just 6 short weeks. The secret is Debbie’s exclusive Slim Training technique, which combines fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you slim and sculpt your body without bulking up.

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