Are you wondering what a Beachbody Coach does? Find out in my upcoming FREE 5 Day *Sneak Peek* into coaching!

What Is a Beachbody Coach. Find out in my upcoming FREE 5 Day *Sneak Peek* private group. | The Fit Housewife


If you know my story, then you’re probably familiar with my journey. Being 90 pounds overweight, juggling 3 very young boys, and going from a working-out-of-the-home woman to a stay-at-home mom was a huge change for me.

I really struggled with my self-confidence, my body, my identity, and my happiness. Nothing in my closet fit, my tummy was a big blob of jiggly jello, and I was doing what I thought was right by exercising and eating healthy. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. And the results weren’t happening, so clearly what I was doing wasn’t working!

So joining my first challenge group and making the decision to do ChaLEAN Extreme was going to be a game changer. At that point, I was ready to try anything because I didn’t want to be the tired, depressed mom anymore!

Was it hard? HECK YES! Changing your body like that is hard, and let’s face it, we all want results, like yesterday!! I definitely had times where I would just let it out and cry, thinking my body wasn’t meant for change, I had brought it to the point of no return. But in the back of my mind, I knew that if I just kept going, I would see results. I was not going to quit or give up!

Halfway through my transformation Halfway through my transformation What I look like now! What I look like now!


When I did eventually reach my goal weight, it felt SO good! I had the support of my challenge group, my coach, clean eating tips and recipes, plus the extra accountability that anyone could do it!

I wanted to help others have that same feeling. That feeling that you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. I wanted to share what worked for me, the recipes I use, and the tips that helped me lose 90 pounds! It would be unfair to keep that a secret.

So that’s why I signed up to be a coach. I wanted to inspire others to live the life they have always dreamed of. That if I could do it, they could do it too! I started with helping just ONE person change their life. I had NO idea what social media marketing was…and I had never taken a selfie for Facebook before… (I thought those people were crazy for doing it!)

But what I found is that coaching was the BEST decision I made! I woke up to messages each day from challengers in my groups who were changing their lives. They were gaining that self-confidence again, finding their true selves again. They realized they were not tied to the body they were living in, they could breakthrough and see some amazing changes.

I didn’t have any networking skills when I joined and I had no idea about building a team. But, just like I learned how to change my body, I learned the skills necessary to grow a business out of coaching. I have grown a thriving business from my kitchen table, working while the kids napped or after they were in bed. This business not only fit our lifestyle, but it fit ME! Just like a get a high from seeing my challengers reach their fitness goals, I get a high from seeing my team have success in their business.

Beachbody Coach Options

Whether you are stay-at-home mom like me, a full-time working woman with a great job, a part-time working mom, a fitness instructor…or even if you just want a 25% discount on the Beachbody products you already love, YOU can be a Beachbody coach! This business can help you stay accountable to your own health and fitness goals, and it can help you build a substantial income. It’s all up to you – you get to choose how little or how much you work, which determines your bottom line.

I know it may sound too good to be true, and my hubby thought so too. He just rolled his eyes and laughed at my attempt to join yet another network marketing company. But now he sees it!! He sees the happiness coaching brings me each and every day. He sees I’m serious about this, that I’m committed and happy and I’m doing something valuable for our family and myself. And let’s face it, he also sees the paycheque I have every single week 😉

I want to teach you how to do this too!

On Monday, May 25th I’m kicking off my free “5-Day Sneak Peek Into What I Do As A Beachbody Coach.” I’m running this private Facebook group where only members can see what is posted to the group. I’m going to post a quick 2-minute video each day that will cover topics such as:

  1. Why I’m a Beachbody coach and how I got started.
  2. What the time commitment is as a coach.
  3. How to make money as a coach.
  4. How much this whole coaching thing costs.
  5. If you need to be at a certain level of fitness to be a great coach.

You’ll be able to ask questions, get answers, and hear from me how I built this business with ZERO experience!

Are you interested in this no obligations group? Simply message me HERE to get added to the group! We will start on Monday, May 25th. **NOTE: if you found this post after the date listed, I will be running more of these in the future. Please MESSAGE ME and ask me when the next date is!!

**UPDATE! Brand new: If you’re not into the Facebook thing and prefer to do things on your own time, you can now get access to my 5-Day Sneak Peek Video Series! I’ll send you a quick video for 5 days about Beachbody coaching. SIGN UP HERE!


I feel very strong about getting my new coaches started off right! Each person is unique to our team. There is no “cookie cutter” mould for getting a coach started, that process needs to be individualized to that person’s needs, wants, and desires.

As a new coach on my team, you have a few options for signing up. You can sign up just for the discount, and receive 25% off everything you purchase as a coach. You can be in my monthly Drop a Dress Size groups and work on your own fitness journey. And then you can either become an active coach helping others reach their goals or, stay exactly where you are, just working on your own fitness goals!

If you decide to become an active business building coach, then I would plug you into my “New Coach Success Training” video series, as well as put you into my “New Coach Basics” group on Facebook where, for 21 days, we cover topics like:

  • How to launch your business
  • How to invite
  • How to share vs sell
  • How to grow your social network
  • How to earn money

I don’t want you to sign up and then…nothing! My goal is to provide you with a duplicatable system that works and brings you success. You get access to all of our team documents, guides, scripts, resources, training, etc.

For me, it all started with a choice. A choice that I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same. I wanted to feel good about myself again and provide some value to our family and my life! Coaching has given us the freedom to live a life by design.

If you are feeling stuck in life and wanting to make a change, then I want YOU on our team! I will teach you everything you need to know as long as you are teachable!


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Free Clean Eating Meal Plan

by Jen on May 18, 2015

Save time, save money, and stay on track with your healthy eating! Grab this week’s FREE clean eating meal plan for some healthy recipe ideas the whole family will enjoy.

Free Clean Eating Meal Plan. Healthy Recipes the whole family will enjoy. | The Fit Housewife


Monday: Oven BBQ Chicken Thighs with Rice and Asparagus

Tuesday: Orange BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Salad

Wednesday: Skinny Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Thursday: Healthy Ginger Beef

Friday: Take it easy! Have leftovers, breakfast for dinner, or eat out!

Saturday: Skinny Clazones with Salad

Sunday: Herb & Citrus Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

© Jennifer Gacek and The Fit Housewife, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jennifer Gacek and The Fit Housewife with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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