Be the first to get the brand new workout, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and join my upcoming exclusive test group so we can do the program together from the comfort of your own home!

Join my exclusive Hammer and Chisel test group and be the first to complete the program. All done from the comfort of you own home.

I am beyond excited for Beachbody’s newest workout to be released on December 1, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel! I’ve been waiting for something to spice up my workout routine since the release of the 21 Day Fix Extreme earlier this year. I love Autumn’s programs and have had amazing success with them. I’ve also done Body Beast a few times and fell in love with the heavy weight lifting. Plus, Autumn’s portion control system for both myself and my customers has been a major success in mastering our clean eating and nutrition.

On December 1st, I can guarantee you I’ll be sitting at my computer, waiting to purchase Hammer and Chisel! I have had the opportunity to workout live with Autumn and Sagi many times, plus, I’ve done the two Hammer and Chisel workouts that are available through Beachbody on Demand. These are amazing trainers and I expect the program to be no less than stellar!! I have already committed to completing this program, and to running an exclusive TEST GROUP for people just like you who want support in getting results!!

Hammer and Chisel Test Group details

What are the details of the group?

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is an expert workout system that delivers amazing, body-changing results in just 60 days. Trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese are award-winning trainers, and in this program, they will share their strategies for shaping powerful muscles, shedding body fat, and building a ripped physique. Since adding weight training to my exercise regimen, I’ve totally reshaped my body!! Muscle burns FAT, so anything that combines weight training and cardio is a must-have!

Each workout ranges from 30 – 40 minutes, which is perfect for me because I’m a busy mom and I don’t have time to spend an hour or more working out.

What do you need for this program?

You will need some equipment for this program. You will need some dumbbells, ranging from 5 – 20 pounds for women (depending on your strength). You’ll also need a pull-up bar OR a resistance band with a door attachment (see my video if you don’t have a door attachment.) Lastly, you’ll need a workout bench OR a stability ball.

Optional equipment includes the Team Beachbody club membership so you can stream your workouts wherever you are, and the Beachbody Performance Line Supplements so that you can maximize your muscle recovery, performance, and results.

Hammer and Chisel Equipment List

How do you grab a spot in my upcoming exclusive Hammer and Chisel Test Group?

  1. I must be your assigned coach. If you are not working with a coach already, please head on over to my site and create a FREE account with me. {If you are already working with another coach, please reach out to them to see what groups they will be running.}
  2. Please complete the application below so that I can gather more information about you and see if it’s a good fit.
  3. You must commit to the Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack which includes the 60 day workout program, nutrition guide, program guidebook, schedule of workouts, Shakeology, PLUS discounted shipping and pricing **Price to be announced!**
  4. You must commit to being an active member of our online support and accountability group. You must be willing to show up everyday, log your workout, share what you’ve eaten, and check into the daily accountability post.

In return for all of this, I’m going to share with you a specific Hammer and Chisel meal plan, and I am going to help you with the accountability and support needed to see the best results possible in just 60 days.

Are you ready to reshape your body?

Make sure you fill out the application below so we can chat more about this exclusive group!


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Beachbody 2015 Black Friday Sale!

by Jen on November 24, 2015


It’s that time of year again, when Beachbody comes out with their annual BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!!

**Please note, I am a Beachbody coach and will receive credit for any orders placed through me.**


The Beachbody Black Friday sale is a great way to get an amazing discount on some great workout programs, supplements, and equipment.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to add to your workout library or try something new and exciting for the Holidays.

If you have the chance to try the Energy & Endurance Formula and a new workout, now would be the time to do that!


If you sign up now, you can actually get an ADDITIONAL 25% off the Beachbody Black Friday deals AND earn a 25% commission anytime a friend orders something.  Click HERE to read my story and apply to join the team! If you have questions about coaching, you can also email me at




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